New QIP Series of Dedicated Dual-Program IPTV Encoders with H.264 for Origination

QIP IPTV Encoders

QMOD HDTV Modulators and QIP IPTV Encoders now output H.264 video streams with new firmware update Contemporary Research is excited to announce three QIP Dual Program IPTV Encoders to their HD video origination product line. The new QIP IPTV Encoders offer the same great features as the QMOD series of RF Modulators-IPTV Encoders but provide customers an origination…

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HDTV Tuners at work in the City of LA

System Integrators, Burst Communications and Mocklin Audio Visual, have been working together for years to design and install AV systems throughout multiple facilities within the City of Los Angeles. Sales Engineer Greg Gorian and Design Engineer Brian Mocklin utilize multiple Contemporary Research ATSC+SDI 4 HDTV Tuners to tune HD off-air channels from local television…

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