Which rack kits go with what products?

Over the years, we have evolved several different kinds of rack kits, so it’s confusing sometimes. Here’s our basic guide to what goes with what.

Current Products

Most of our current products mount into one of two rack kits.

  •  232-ATSC+1 and ATSC+SDI HDTV tuners
  • 232-MCT, 232-STS, and 232-STSi analog TV Tuners
  • QMOD-HD, QMOD-SDI, and QMOD-HDSC HDTV Modulators
  • QCA9-33 and QDA4-45 RF Distribution components
  • Legacy analog tuners
  1. RK1 – mounts one unit into a 1RU 19″ rack space, includes one short rack ear and one long mount to span one side.
  2. RK2EZ This is a flexible 2-across 1 RU rack kit that can be installed two ways. All the above products have a slot at the top that accepts a small tab. Inserting and screwing each side in place locks the units together. Add the a rack ear to each side (you can use 3 screws for more support).You can also use the kit to fully lock the two enclosures together (required for older legacy tuners that don’t have the slot on top). Remove the lid from one unit, and remove 2 of the lid screws from the other unit (from where the two will meet). Use the two screws to lock the empty side to the other unit’s enclosure. Install the first unit back into the lid.

Legacy HDTV Tuners

232-ATSC+ HDTV tuners (look for “5072” in the middle of the serial #)
ICC2-ATSC+ HDTV Controller/Tuner

This tuner was slimmer than the older 232-ATSC HDTV tuner, and had several mounting options:

2RU ATSC+ Mounts 

  1. RK1-HD+ – This rack kit mounted 1 tuner into 2RU.  It currently can only be used with the ICC2-ATSC+.
  2. RK2-HD+ – This rack kit mounted two tuners into 2RU side by side.  It was used with our previous version of the tuner the 232-ATSC+ this tuner will commonly already be onsite and will have a serial number containing “5072” in it.  It currently can only be used with the ICC2-ATSC+.

1.5 RU Space Saver Mounts. By using 2 of the mount, one could install 3 or 4 tuners within 3 rack spaces

  1. RK1S-HD+ – This rack kit mounted 1 tuner into 1.5RU.  .
  2. RK2S-HD+ – This rack kit mounted two  tuners into 1.5RU side by side.

2RU 232-ATSC Mounts

These mounts are only used for the original 232-ATSC HDTV Tuner, with “5065” in the middle of the serial #. That tuner is slightly higher than the newer ATSC+, and will only fit into this mount.

  1. RK1-HD – This rack kit mounted 1 tuner into 2 RU
  2. RK2-HD – This rack kit mounted 2 tuner side by side into 2 RU

If you need further information and help on the correct rack kits, email lori@crwww.com.