Contemporary Research Previews ATSC+SDI HDTV Tuner with HD-SDI

Dallas, Texas: Contemporary Research previews the ATSC+SDI HTVT Tuner with HD-SDI at the InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas, NV. The ATSC+SDI is the first HDTV tuner to feature an integrated HD-SDI output, eliminating the need for additional SDI interfaces and converters.

Based on the new 232-ATSC+1 platform, the ATSC+SDI is controllable via Ethernet, an onboard Web page, USB, RS-232 and IR control. Programming can be received using cable, off-air, analog, QAM and ATSC standards. An A/B RF switch can be added to automatically switch between cable and off-air feeds, supporting a channel list for both inputs. A new digital tuning section enables better response for marginal channels.
The compact HDTV tuners can be mounted two-across within a single rack space.

CR President Scott Hetzler explains, “This product is created in direct response from our integrators, consultants, and end users. HD-SDI is fast becoming the professional standard for HD video distribution, traditionally for TV stations and studios, and gaining popularity in corporate, worship, and sports facilities as well. We added Web control specifically for our broadcast users, who will no longer need control systems and extra interfaces to control their tuners.”

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