Springfield-Greene County EOC- Success Story

Download the SVC Online Emergency AV Supplement May 2014

The Mission statement for Missouri’s Springfield -Greene County Emergency Management Program is clear and to the point: “to be a national model of best practices in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery against high-impact events to reduce loss of life, damage to property, and harm to the environment.” Tasked with leading enhanced regionalization of emergency management across southwest Missouri, the Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) new Emergency Operations Center, part of Greene County’s 56,000-square-feet Public Safety Center, was recently completed with a fiber-optics based central hub, integrated by Springfield-based Killian Digital in partnership with TLC Engineering of Orlando, Fla.
EOC Springfield
Located on the facility’s basement and ground levels, the OEM’s Emergency Operations Center, referred to as “the pit” by the staff, is linked with a 32-live operator staffed 911 call center on the second floor. Anchoring information dissemination is a Magenta Research Voyager fiber-optic AV distribution platform that allows video and audio from any source in the building to be routed to any display in the building.

“In the event of a disaster multiple agencies can share that room and data via this system,” says Spencer Cox, president of Killian Digital, noting as an example that in an extreme weather situation emergency center operators could bring up radar on the main operations floor’s Stewart Filmscreen 26ft. by 16ft. Aeroview 70 rear projection screen and distributed that information to up to 16 individual sources within the system. Sources are managed by Christie Digital’s Vista Spyder multi-window processor, which allows operators to arrange data as needed on the projection screen.

“At this time, this project included one of the largest Magenta Voyager fiber video switches installed in North America, “Cox says, “There were no controls modules available for controlling the Voyager so we designed a custom module based on a client/server model that performed very well in conjunction with the Creston touchpanels.”

There are nine individual tables in the pit that permit local or remote control of fully matrixed system, with signal control centralized via a Crestron MC3 3-series control processor. Eight Contemporary Research 232-ATSC HDTV tuners are integrated into the ops floor system and are used to display up to eight different feeds on the projection screen.

The Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management, which was constructed in large part thanks to community funding, earned national accreditation from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP)- an independent and voluntary evaluation of state and local emergency management programs based on national best practices- in 2012. At the time, Springfield-Greene County was one of only 13 programs in the nation to be accredited by EMAP.