Contemporary Research offers businesses solutions for tuning HDTV channels throughout a facility, creating an in-house RF network, and managing TVs over RF facility-wide.

Conference/Board Rooms/Training Rooms
232-ATSC 4 HDTV Tuners are used in commercial facilities nationwide to tune and display content from the site’s in-house HDTV channel network. The industry standard for HDTV applications, full-featured programming modules are available from AMX, Crestron, Extron, and RTI.

In-House HDTV Origination and Distribution
Today’s corporate sites tend to install their own HDTV RF system featuring QMOD HDMI 2 Modulators rather than distributing channels from Cable TV providers. An in-house system gives the site the flexibility to choose the programming they want from any provider, and to tune in to channels without renting cable/satellite providers. In addition, the business can add their own content, adding channels from digital signage players, websites, IPTV, off-air, HD-SDI and other resources.

Facility-Wide TV Control
Once a site has TVs distributed throughout the facility, the next step can be to add Display Express control software to manage power, channels, volume. That’s easily done over the same RF system that carries the channels, driven by Web-centric software from PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Venue Vizion
Venue Vizion provides a simplified solution for HDTV distribution and control and is the perfect solution for bars, restaurants, convention centers, concession stands, medical offices, corporations, Houses of Worship, Night Clubs, Stadiums, Arenas, or any venue!. It provides the ability to create multiple in-house channels of high-definition content from satellite or cable receivers, PC’s, media Players and other sources utilizing our QMOD HDTV Modulators IPTV Encoders. Venue Vizion’s RF Control Center hosts easy-to-use web pages for control and sends commands over the same RF coax as the digital channels. With the included TV Controllers, multiple TVs and video walls can be commanded with the touch of button. The System is rack ready, preset, and operational out-of the-box with only a few steps taken by the user. While the system is preconfigured for simplicity, it is not limited in application. Five different models of QMODs can be specified, and IR and/or RS-232 controllers may be used. More TV controllers, tuner/controllers for projectors, modulators, RF combiners, amplifiers, and other components can be added at any time. With a PC, tablet, or smartphone, multiple users can access the DX Lite Web page for touch control.

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