Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Worship Centers are taking the lead in innovating new uses for video and signage within their facility. And not just mega-churches – as the cost of HD technology has dropped significantly, everyone can take advantage of new solutions in audio, video and HD media creation and distribution as a cost-effective alternative to twisted-pair video routing. Typically, sites use RF for remote distribution, employing HD-SDI or twisted-pair media interfaces in the sanctuary to deliver the content with no latency.

Video Distribution
The most popular application in worship centers is distributing HD-SDI over RF as an HDTV channel, using the QMOD-SDI 2 Modulator. Distributing HD-SDI over distances is problematic and often requires re-clocking gear – not to mention that TVs will need SDI to HDMI interfaces. Using RF, you can distribute many channels at the same time over long distances, and TVs already have HD tuners to view the channel. Some sites will run other sources such as DirecTV or DVD through their SDI switcher during the week to provide content to rooms during the week.

Another popular option is to broadcast PC signage to an HDTV channel using the QMOD-SDI HDMI that can broadcast one channel from the sanctuary SDI feed, and another channel from a signage player’s or PC’s HDMI output. Onboard hardware scalers can process video from a variety of resolutions to fill the screen exactly. A variety of signage creation tools are available, from dedicated signage players, a PC running PowerPoint, or using ProPresenter on a compact PC or Mac mini. 

Venue Vizion
Venue Vizion provides a simplified solution for HDTV distribution and control and is the perfect solution for bars, restaurants, convention centers, concession stands, medical offices, corporations, Houses of Worship, Night Clubs, Stadiums, Arenas, or any venue!. It provides the ability to create multiple in-house channels of high-definition content from satellite or cable receivers, PC’s, media Players and other sources utilizing our QMOD HDTV Modulators IPTV Encoders. Venue Vizion’s RF Control Center hosts easy-to-use web pages for control and sends commands over the same RF coax as the digital channels. With the included TV Controllers, multiple TVs and video walls can be commanded with the touch of button. The System is rack ready, preset, and operational out-of the-box with only a few steps taken by the user. While the system is preconfigured for simplicity, it is not limited in application. Five different models of QMODs can be specified, and IR and/or RS-232 controllers may be used. More TV controllers, tuner/controllers for projectors, modulators, RF combiners, amplifiers, and other components can be added at any time. With a PC, tablet, or smartphone, multiple users can access the DX Lite Web page for touch control.

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