Digital RF and IPTV Convergence: Choosing the Right Solution

Digital RF and IPTV Convergence: Choosing the Right Solution

CTS Course: Digital RF and IPTV Convergence: Choosing the Right Solution
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There is a growing convergence between AV, digital RF and IPTV technology, with more encoders equipped to deliver media streaming over RF and IP distribution systems. The convergence occurs in both directions, with some digital RF shifting to IP, sharing streams over both, and IPTV applications moving to RF distribution. The goal of this course is to introduce the basics of convergent design, where we look at the best use of either technology, and enable adaptation for future applications.

Participants attending this course will be able to:

  • Determine when an AV. RF, IP or a hybrid RF IPTV system is best suited for a project and know the pros and cons for each solution.
  • Understand how MPEG2 and MPEG 4 streams are processed and delivered.
  • Recognize the challenges in delivering HDTV content over IP and work closely with the IT Department to set up and maintain the system properly.

Download CR AV-RF-IP Convergence 2017 pdf

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Participants must complete the following evaluation to obtain a certificate and CTS credit for this course. If you have attended our course in person or through a webinar, please answer the following questions. Participants must answer 8 questions correctly to receive CTS credit. If you have any questions about this course you may e-mail us at