Contemporary Research Corporation designs, engineers, and manufactures HDTV modulators, tuners, and control products for commercial integration utilizing RF Coax and IP networks. CR is helping AV integrators realize the benefits of using RF Coax in HDTV distribution systems throughout many facilities because it is affordable, reliable, controllable, and scalable. Headquartered in Dallas for over 20 years, Contemporary Research products are made in Texas, and designed to function in 24/7 installations.

To find out more about our products or to become an approved CR Integrator contact one of our reps or call our sales department at 972-931-2728.


Employing a new HD encoding technology, Contemporary Research’s line of QMOD HDTV RF Modulators/IPTV Encoders are known for quality and innovation. Designed, manufactured and serviced in Texas, our modulators feature dual channels, hardware scaling, IPTV streaming and are easy to install and maintain. Contemporary Research’s QMOD RF Modulators/IPTV Encoders turn analog or digital video signals into HDTV channels, using a variety of HD, SD, and AV inputs. Each QMOD creates two HD channels and can output them simultaneously as an RF QAM channel and/or as an Ethernet IPTV stream.


Contemporary Research’s line of control products allow facilities to control up to 4,000 displays over RF coax, eliminating the need for additional cabling. Utilizing our Display Express Web pages give staff the ability to create automated presets, event scheduling and custom Web control panels, using any browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones, requiring no custom programming.


For over 20 years, Contemporary Research has been setting the standard for professional AV television tuners. Proven in thousands of installations, our HDTV Tuners are loved by AV integrators and consultants for their reliability, easy installation, and affordability. Designed to tune analog, off-air ATSC and clear QAM cable channels in commercial applications, our HDTV Tuners accept IP, RS-232 and IR commands from control systems, and support remote control from onboard Web pages. Two models feature HDMI or HD-SDI video, as well as Component, RGBHV and Composite outputs.

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